Corona virus | that one Mistake

Corona virus- That one mistake

Corona virus | that one Mistake

Yes we all are thinking about that one mistake whose world is paying the price.

But today I wondered about another angle of this mistake because somewhere we all are thinking that, Is it planed? Is it a kind of biological weapon? Oh yes off course it can be a mistake but as a responsible person I am thinking about the genius people who was working on some, I guess of very good or might be very high goal.

As I heard & read about few top organizations and Individuals I found one pattern that money & power is always matters but most of the time or I would say all time there motive was to take a step ahead in ease of living doing something better for human or any other species but humans are on priority because they can pay in return.

THINK if one person or a group of limited person wants all the things on any conditions.

What if the genius people had been misguided by a mad person?

I am not able to digest that a group of smart people (scantiest) can work to create an Invisible weapon for death.

Long time ago there was a crazy king who want only power & money, but there were a lot of other powerful king in whole country and he know it better that he cannot defeat all other kings in one time and if he will fight with one king without any reason all other kings might be get united and send him back or kill him.

So that cruel & greedy king thought what if kingdom will not see any of my warriors and I kill there people & king, conclusion of thought that he can acquire kingdoms in many way.

To be continued…………….

Corona virus | that one Mistake

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